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Spotless BD Cleaning and Facility Services endeavors to provide a dynamic and unique service to each customer. We are dedicated in delivering consistently high standards and a high level of customer care to our clients. We provide an individual touch to each of our services ensuring complete satisfaction at all times.

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At Spotless, we are a trusted partner and take care of our customers’ valuable assets

Our workforce is diverse with highly trained teams delivering services across the spectrum: from frontline soft services in high risk settings to high end hospitality in iconic venues, from mechanical HVAC and construction services for government to highly complex technical engineering and maintenance.

Developing partnerships that are flexible and aligned with our customers business strategy means we can continually improve our services and customer outcomes.

We are future-focused and continue to invest in developing innovations that deliver efficiencies for our customers and support our customers in reducing their environmental footprint.

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
Daily commercial cleaning services are essential to maintain a tidy and hygienic environment, ensuring the well-being of employees, visitors, and clients alike. A clean workplace not only boosts productivity but also leaves a lasting impression on anyone who walks through the doors.


Washroom Consumables

Washroom Consumables
Managing washroom consumables can be a time-consuming chore for your team. The constant juggle of restocking toilet tissue, hand towels, and soap can divert focus from your core operations.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Let’s introduce you to our dedicated carpet cleaning services, where we understand the importance of the durability and appeal of your carpets. Carpets bring warmth, comfort, and style to spaces, but daily use takes its toll.


Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
In the realm of commercial cleaning, deep cleaning stands tall as a transformative solution. At Spotless, we specialize in offering deep cleaning services tailored for offices and commercial spaces.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to achieving customer service excellence through our values of innovation, transparency and creating a supportive environment for our people. We create partnerships with our clients and deliver high-quality solutions that ensure high stakeholder satisfaction, lower-risk profile and cost efficiencies. The ASHAH GROUP prides itself on acting with trust and integrity – with our customers and with our people. A core value for our organisation is that our business transactions are always conducted in a professional, upfront, honest and transparent manner. We believe that a committed and loyal workforce benefits ASHAH Group and our customers, as such, we work hard to support our people with skills and capability training, career development, and reward and recognition programs.


We recruit, deploy, manage and maintain a mobile workforce of 100+ people per day, and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver safety conscious people, help create safer environments and provide a pathway to competence for our people. We have a sound People Management Strategy in place to support the overall objectives of our customers and ensure the wellbeing of our people.


ASHAH Group’s technology strategy allows us to align and quickly adapt to changes in the industry enabling us to overcome challenges faced over the last 10+ years of operations, such as the unprecedented events of COVID-19. Our technology strategy enables us to better provide operational insights to our customers, allowing them to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights and artefacts equipping them with visibility and transparency. Built on four key principals that have deep roots and alignment with ASHAH Group values.
The following is an insight into our technology strategy which drives our passion to continue to innovate:
Customer experience
Data-driven insights

Sustainability, “A Force for Good”

ASHAH Group’s approach to sustainability is embedded throughout our operations, culture and processes, supported by a clear governance structure and underpinned by our values of Trust, Respect, Integrity and Innovation.
We engage our people and share accountability for the achievement of sustainable outcomes through training and education programs, KPIs and position descriptions. This helps us to ensure that our business will be sustainable well into the future by delivering positive outcomes for all of our stakeholders at the same time as achieving great business outcomes.
Our approach is informed by robust stakeholder engagement that has identified the priority areas for focus. This independently lead process identified a number of key areas, each of which has an articulated target, owner and program of work.

Let SpotlessBD keep your business clean

Since its establishment in 2015, Spotless has been a trusted name in the Property Industry, providing a range of quality, cost effective services to major Local and international companies. Our extensive experience, growth and national presence have enabled us to become one of Countrys largest national providers of cleaning services on both single assets and large multisite portfolios.
Our commercial cleaning company has been cleaning offices and businesses in Dhaka for over 10 years. We provide professional commercial cleaning services across the country providing your establishment the complete care and thorough sweep it deserves with the help of our commercial office cleaners who ensure a clean and inviting environment to work.
At SpotlessBD we work with a number Government Departments and Consulates providing government corporate cleaning. We understand the specific needs of this sector and have extensive experience for providing government cleaning services within the government sector through the application of strict confidentiality management, security clearance checks, and staff operational protocols.
Presentation is key in a retail environment. That’s why SpotlessBD offers a cost-effective service for shopping centre and retail cleaning of all shapes and sizes – from small outlets to multi-storey shopping centres, we’ve got you covered. Our shopping centre cleaning plans are designed to work behind-the-scenes to help give your retail space a clean, professional appearance that reflects well upon the merchandise on display, and gives your customers a retail experience they will enjoy.
In today’s environment, proper school and education cleaning are critical to a school’s safety and daily operation. SpotlessBD offers the best school cleaning services in Bangladesh. With a clear understanding of your concerns and challenges, we provide cost-effective programs backed by unparalleled school and education cleaning services.

Integrated Solutions

Through consolidation of our high-quality stand-alone services, we deliver a tailored, optimal service model that achieves a truly integrated service solution. Our integrated service solution delivers tangible savings, improved work efficiencies, enhanced productivity, and high standards of customer experience.

Guest Services
SpotlessBD Group’s guest services are a seamless extension of our customers’ service vision and experience. We take a fresh approach to the traditional role of a concierge with our professional team.

SpotlessBd Group offers convenient and professional guest services that take a fresh approach to the traditional role of a concierge. We provide a service platform that presents a real point of difference within traditional commercial space, while going above and beyond what our customers expect. We deliver an adaptive and dynamic service platform designed to support tenant engagement and retention, making business for your clients much more convenient.
Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Our concierge team members are provided with industry leading frontline customer service training to ensure we are consistently delivering excellence at every opportunity. Coupled with an understanding of the mechanics behind service integration, our teams are naturally incorporated into the daily operation of any commercial site.
A Virtual Concierge service can be supplied in addition to our Onsite Concierge options. Our Virtual Concierge service is a new, market leading digital solution that complements our existing offering. SpotlessBD Group’s online networking platform is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation so we can enhance your customer experience and provide an entire suite of concierge solutions. In a bid to remain customer-focused at all times, each individual request will be supported by the SpotlessBD National Communications Centre (NCC). We aim to give your customers access to convenient and time-saving services, whilst also making sure they are engaged in the amenities and facilities of any commercial property.
With the implementation of our virtual concierge services, SpotlessBD Group can offer multi-site coverage and create cost efficiencies without an impact on service delivery and customer experience. Our Concierge service offerings can easily be incorporated within our integrated service delivery solutions and provide additional support to our onsite teams delivering, cleaning, security or handymen services.

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